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About Iris D

Pastor, former youth pastor who writes skits, devotionals, poems,and short stories. Won awards on short stories and poetry, and have published both poetry and non-fiction.

5 responses to “Hello world!

  1. irisdeurmyer

    Hello world. I am a cup is half full person and a traffic light is a go-light rather than a stop light. It says go more than it says stop so why should it not be called a go light?
    Most people are very concerned about Wall-street and also European and Japanese markets. It is a time for concern but also let us look at all the wonderful news, like the Nobel prize winners and atletic victories. We have so many citizens that are making progress against extreme adversity such as cancer or other debilitating handicaps. Look up and see the blue sky and sun instead of looking down to the bird poop on the ground.

  2. irisdeurmyer

    Today I pondered the significance of water and the universalality of h20. One drop plus one drop to the nth power makes up a rushing river or a waterfall. I watched the drops of rain splatting on the pavement during the twilight hours and listened to its distinct sound. I remembered the sound of river rapids and compared it in my mind’s ear to the roar of the ocean during a storm. Then I heard the peaceful lapping of the waves at lowtide. All of these sights and sound from one substance. And I have not even mentioned icicles, or cold refreshing drinking water. The feel of the mist at sunrise as the fog recedes. What an epic could be penned about just that one theme, water.

  3. Today is a day of reflection and reminisce. I wax eloquent in my mind as I run the reels of young adulthood in my mind’s eye. I have spent my life trying to change and have not accomplished changing myself but spinning in circles, becoming dizzy. What is a decade, or a half a century in comparison with eternity. It seems more than a drop of water but compared to the ocean of forever, my life is so minuscule.
    Poetry is a vehicle where one can travel on roads from yesterday or explore new horizons without being questioned or considered strange.
    Written word keeps mankind from muttering aloud his musings of helplessness or boasting with delusions of grandeur. It is easy to shred the evidence of what one has written, but a spoken word if heard cannot be erased but leaves its indelible imprint on a mind.

  4. Hannah

    Hello there Iris,

    I enjoy your musings immensely! What a joy to read you. I’m glad I stopped in, inspiration for me to get something like this too! 🙂


  5. irisdeurmyer

    Ice Storm 2010 is reaching National News and some weather forecasters are calling my white state, Snowlahoma.
    I am relaxing in my cozy sitting room with my laptop and oberving the breathtaking scene through my picture window My camera could not capture the whisper of the branches brushing against the house or the artic cold that has my
    roads in frozen limbo, with a lonely farmer making a once a day trip in his farm truck sliding down to the pasture to feed his cattle Occasionaly a pair of cardinals will eat the food I offered them from my porch feeder, and yesterday I watched a roadrunner tiptoe out from under the largest of the cedars to leave his large tracks in the white yard.

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