Memories Edited or Deleted

Memories can be carbon copies that we keep locked in a file in our copious brain, and yet some memories get deleted with time, distorted, and rewritten by our aging gray matter.  At a family reunion you can listen to the same event told by several retired siblings, and the dates, and people present will change.  The hero or heroine of the event is sometime one of the aunts, sometimes another.   Some things do not change though, and that is the memory of shared laughter, or the way the meadowlarks sang at dusk while the family sat around the pond eating sandwiches and fishing for perch and catfish.  The memory of the dragonflies darting towards the corks bobbing on the line, and the way the sun shimmered on the water as the snake slithered across.


About Iris D

Pastor, former youth pastor who writes skits, devotionals, poems,and short stories. Won awards on short stories and poetry, and have published both poetry and non-fiction.

8 responses to “Memories Edited or Deleted

  1. I agree “some memories get deleted with time, distorted, and rewritten by our aging gray matter.” I am starting to notice it within my own memories as well 😀

    Thank you for sharing ~becca

  2. I tried not to hold on to memories…maybe because I don’t have that many nice ones filled with laughter. Your words are indeed true…enjoy the rally!

  3. welcome in…

    lovely thoughts shared,

    have fun..

  4. Wow, what a conjurer of imagery you are nice. Nicely written!

  5. Memories are indeed powerful, Iris! lovely thoughts in imagery!

    Here’s My Poem For Poets Rally

  6. Quite true! Happens a lot of time.

  7. anjuartwriter

    memories stay linger on and keep us company

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