Lone Road


Eternity begins here calls the long dusty road.

Colorless sky, endless landscape, motionless tree,

barren branches contain only empty nests.

A presence can be felt but not heard.

Silence prevails and shadows are the only measure of time.

Lone figure strolling down road on horizon,

coming back from past or lost in present?

Weathered sign beside road reads retirement.

Destination, or just a pause in the journey


About Iris D

Pastor, former youth pastor who writes skits, devotionals, poems,and short stories. Won awards on short stories and poetry, and have published both poetry and non-fiction.

16 responses to “Lone Road

  1. What a stark, lonely place you paint with your words. Very well done. That weathered sign that reads retirement can bring a lot of joy I hope.


  2. you got me there,

    vivid and beautiful word panting…


    Thanks for sharing..

  3. could see it. and for me that makes this great.

  4. lovely capture…
    thanks for the participation to poets rally, marked you down as done.


  5. powerful imagery. thought provoking 🙂

  6. Interesting input.Well written !

  7. Destination, or just a pause in the journey.. pause for sure!
    Very well crafted.. hugs xx

    Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment at my Biopic log as I call it! 🙂 Much appreciated!!

  8. the first 3 words got me– great!

  9. ‘coming back from past or lost in present?’… Thoughtful and a little sentimental. Nice work! 🙂

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    • Iris D

      Thanks so much for everything you do at Poetry Potluck to encourage poets. It motivates us to post more and strive for higher heights. You rock!!!

  11. mmmmmmmm i like the image.

    thank you for your comment =)

  12. Very thought provoking…transition periods in life are always uncertain, they can leave you feeling quite helpless and lonely…like you’re on a dusty barren road. Beautiful imagery in this poem.

  13. Love the ‘barren branches’ and the end lines

    Great poem

  14. A.B. Thomas

    Great write -life is all about perception, which you captured fantastically!

  15. TC

    I love how well you’ve captured the dark, lonely emotions – well done Iris. 🙂

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