The tides are synchronized with your moods
Precise time tables are written for decades hence
Vast oceans acquiesce to your silent command
When hurricane throws her gauntlet down
You still orchestrate from your lofty abode
Lunar light is not constant but your strength
Lies not in your reflection but in your perfection


Trust at Dusk

Katie in the air

Trust is tangible

Taste it in the air

Entire family near

She can fly high

His arms her wings


Deep Calls To Deep

Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls;

All Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.*

Your majesty exceeds my extravagant imagination

Your infinite wisdom surpasses man’s corporate dreams.

One snap of your finger brings mountains to their knees,

While we struggle to move its boulders.

We have absence of war and name it peace,

You are clothed in light that calms even storms at sea.

Man considers a century as longevity

While you always existed and hold keys to eternity.

Pursuit (poem for prompt 44 Poetic Bloomings


I followed you relentlessly for I desired to possess you.

You tantalized my dreams and pervaded my thoughts.

Such a breathtaking vision, you seemingly flitted from path to path.

You were as elusive as a butterfly and I lost my direction in pursuit of you.

At dusk I wearily paused from my arduous and unfruitful journey.

My lethargy caused me to rest amidst the fragrant moonflowers.

I reflected in the solitude of the panoramic twilight sky.

Perceiving that you had paused in your flight too, I embraced you.

Running I could not capture you, but upon meditation you were mine.

Oh Wisdom, you are unexcelled in beauty and I regret I hurried so long.

Nature’s Kaleidoscope

Butterflies, ladybugs, and bumblebees

lend color to the sky like a kaleidoscope

Look quickly as the hummingbird

adds his iridescent hues

Dragonflies, moths, and cicadas too,

wear their camouflage to blend in

The sky will soon be sparkling with

the twinkle of fireflies flitting about

Living creation on a miniature scale

painting a moving design if we but pause to observe.

Lone Road


Eternity begins here calls the long dusty road.

Colorless sky, endless landscape, motionless tree,

barren branches contain only empty nests.

A presence can be felt but not heard.

Silence prevails and shadows are the only measure of time.

Lone figure strolling down road on horizon,

coming back from past or lost in present?

Weathered sign beside road reads retirement.

Destination, or just a pause in the journey

Twilight Legacy

Orion, Pleiades, and Ursa Major

wink at us from heaven’s ceiling.

Mother taught me their names and folklore,

my sons were also prey to their charm.

Her nocturnal lessons are being passed

to my young granddaughter.

I lift her high and imagine Mother

waving from the Milky Way.

(for Jingle Poetry week 29)

also check out Cup of Nostalgia below

Eternity Beckons Me

In youth my dreams were a pretigious vocation.
This blueprint was soon superimposed by predestination.
Aspirations mingled with inspiration formed my destiny.
Self-agenda matured into informed focus on eternity.
Impulse changed to guidance of an orderly deity.
Not happenstance but holy circumstance made my life poetry.

My Maestro

             My  Maestro

 (musical perspective of Psalm 23)

 The Lord is my composer, filling each moment with music.

His songs soothe my soul.

The notes are new each morning, like a prelude at dawn.

When the day’s stress becomes a crescendo,

He calms me with a synchronized sunset.

Amidst darkness He gives me melodies of praise.

Hope and joy are the keys He strokes on the keyboard of my heart.

He removes my sour notes and restores them with perfect pitch,

Bringing us all into His heavenly harmony

Faith in Freedom

Capricious rebellion raises its ugly head
taking one down paths of sequestered faith
of ancient lies of philosopher’s memories.
The faith of those who lie six feet in soil
of foreign lands for freedom’s redemption
is taught by mothers who receive telegrams
or phone calls which leave an incurable wound.
The seed of freedom is planted deep and       

enduring is the tribute they deserve.


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